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Our theme for the Christ Church Commemoration Ball is La Durée, pronounced “la-dew-ray”. 


We’ve taken inspiration from French philosopher Henri Bergson’s influential concept of time as dynamic and subjective, shifting constantly. For the Ball, La Durée brings together far-reaching epochs of extravagance and excess into one night of bacchanalian hedonism. 


In Bergson’s doctoral thesis, Time and Free Will, he defines the multiplicity of time as a state in which ‘several conscious states are organised into a whole, permeate one another, [and] gradually gain a richer content.’ 


We’re creating a mesh of memory and nostaliga for humanity’s greatest eras of revelry, drawing a line from 16th-century Venice to New York’s Studio 54. On the 18th of June, 2022, the grounds of Christ Church will play host to history's greatest ages, brought together in one unforgettable night.